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3 days

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Daily Tour

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20 people


Arabic, English

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Day 1:



Your Tour leader/driver will be awaiting you. They will be holding a sign of your name, You do not need to look for them – they will be waiting for you and will find you. From the moment your tour starts, your tour leader will give you full attention and will droppp you off at the hotel


Day 2:

1- Abha City Tour

Start your tour visiting the Jabal Sawda is the highest point in Saudi Arabia. You will visit to see the climate and enjoy the mountains and the heights .It is 3000 meters above sea level. You will see lots of varieties of green lush tress and shrubs.Also the misty mountains and valleys will sooth you and make you relaxed. Wonderful mental relaxation. It can get really cold so make sure to have jackets and blankets. A cable car at extra ticket, A beautiful trip with a rainy atmosphere will be more exciting trip falls from the mountains. Riding the cable car & viewing Abha from above was such a wonderful experience. It takes about 20-25min to reach down hill and similar time to return back on top. Each car can seat approximately 8 adults comfortably.

2- Asir National Park

Then you will visit El Sahab Park is above a mountain. It has a beautiful view and the clouds pass you all the time. The literal translation of ‘Sahab’ is ‘cloud’. And that’s what this place is. You will have a chance to walk into clouds Cornish. (Optional) your tour leader can recommend for you lovely restaurant in El Sahab Park to have your Lunch. you will be in between the clouds, one of the most beautiful places. the place is above a mountain. There are two top view points on this hill. They are very near to each other. Lot of monkeys there, better to take some food for them, the moment you get there, they expect you to give them food.

3- Abha Dam Lake

Then we visit the Mud-walled Shada Castle, which is now a handicrafts museum. It is a representation of the beautiful traditional architecture of Asir region. It has a variety of fascinating local handicrafts, household items and more. It is also one of the very few traditional buildings left in Abha, making it mandatory to tour when in the city. Surrounded by modern architecture, this mud-walled tower itself is a great insight into Saudi Arabia’s past.


4- Al-Muftaha Village

We will drive to the Al-Muftaha district which had a market where we shopped for different kinds of crafts. The Al-Muftaha Village that was in a state of neglect was re-built based on inspirations from Asir’s heritage and culture. It was built using the traditional methods of construction with local mud and stones. Al-Muftaha, in the center of the city, dates back 260 years. It incorporates adjoining houses along the internal and external passageways built according to the Asir region’s traditional construction style. It is distinguished by the small openings and thick walls that can protect the mud walls against rain and provide shade to the buildings. You will be enjoying the traditional colored houses of the Al-Muftaha village, Its a great chance for photos lover.

5- Green Mountain

Then We will take you to a mountain which took your breath away! its Jabal Al Akhdar or as translated “The Green Mountain”. This entire mountain is lit up with green lights and even the clouds above it were green due to the lights.It was a sight to behold. This place as it definitely takes away all your stress and gives you the perfect environment to sit and feast on its beautiful surroundings.

Day 3:

Historical Rijal Almaa Village


Explore Rijal Almaa village with its traditional Arabian architecture on this small group guided tour. You’ll visit both the village and the Rijal Almaa Museum today, so you’ll get the full idea of this UNESCO protected regional area. Your guide will explain all the history and traditions associated with the village while you take it all in, stopping for plenty of photos, too.

The village includes several buildings, which consist of several floors, some reaching eight floors, they were made of stones and they also have colored wooden windows. They also contain inscriptions that appear on the interior walls of rooms. The art used in these inscriptions is known as the “Al-Qatt art“, in which harmonious shapes and colors are usually placed by village women. In the outer courtyards of the houses, there are some wooden chairs and furnished mats, with shapes colored in green, white, yellow, and red, also present on the windows and wooden doors.



  • a 3 day package with accommodation, the city of Abha is composed of four quarters, the largest of which contains a fortress. Hilltop fortresses are a characteristic feature of the city. Shadda Palace, built in 1927, is now a museum displaying local handicrafts and household items. Other notable sightseeings in Abha include the green mountain, the Art street and the funpark next to Lake Sadd.


  • Accommodation
  • pick up and drop off
  • ac vehicle
  • Snacks and beverages
  • English speaker tour guide
  • Main meals
  • Personal expenses
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