Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist Visas

Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark.

No, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.

The processing time varies from one embassy to another, as indicated in the visa requirements.

It is preferable to apply for the visa from the country of arrival. For more details, please contact us.

Yes, you can have two fingerprints taken at the same time if you are applying for the UK and another country, where the fingerprint is first taken in the UK, and the service of retaining the available passport in the UK is requested only, and then proceed to take the fingerprint in the other embassy.

Procedures vary depending on the embassy and the visa application center.

Yes, if you do not have a personal bank statement or salary certificate, you can bring these requirements from a close relative of the first degree, such as (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter).

No, it is not necessary for one of the travelers to be the person responsible for expenses, but they must be a close relative, such as (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter).

UK: All children must be present.

Schengen countries: Children do not need to be present.

No, it is not necessary, but there are specific embassies that may require this, as indicated in the visa requirements.

You can apply 90 days or less before the travel date, and we advise you to take enough time for the application.

International Driving Licenses

  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the Saudi driving license
  • Two passport-sized photos with a white background

Flight Reservations

Yes, you can do so by contacting customer service and selecting the appropriate airline for each leg of the journey.

If you need to cancel or make changes, please contact customer service representatives for assistance.

Unfortunately, changes cannot be made after the reservation. However, you can cancel the reservation and rebook according to availability.

For booking more than 9 seats, it is recommended to contact customer service for assistance.

If your flight is canceled by the airline, and the available dates for alternative flights do not suit you and you do not wish to book another appointment, we will contact the airline to request a refund of the ticket fee, subject to approval from the relevant authority.

Hotel Reservations

Yes, you can request modifications to your booking after confirmation by contacting our customer service. Please note that the ability to modify your booking depends on the hotel’s policy and availability at the time you request the changes. We will do our best to accommodate your request and provide necessary assistance.

Yes, the cost of accommodation for children may vary depending on the hotel’s policy. Some hotels may offer free accommodation for young children, while there may be additional charges for extra beds or older children. We advise you to inquire with our representative during hotel booking about the hotel’s policy regarding children.

The check-in and check-out policy varies from one hotel to another. Typically, check-in time is late afternoon and check-out time is early morning. However, this may vary based on the hotel and availability. Some hotels may offer early check-in or late check-out for an additional fee. We recommend inquiring about this with our customer service at the time of booking.

Yes, often an extra bed can be added to the room, but this depends on the hotel’s policies and the type of room booked. Please contact customer service to confirm and inquire about the potential cost of this request.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us through:

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