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8 hours

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Daily Tour

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12 people


Arabic, English

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Wadi Lajab is a breathtaking natural wonder tucked away in the heart of a rugged desert landscape. Its imposing cliffs, winding canyons, and crystal-clear pools make it a haven for adventurers seeking an exhilarating experience. Embarking on an adventure in Wadi Lajab promises to be a remarkable journey filled with discovery and awe-inspiring beauty. The narrow canyon walls rise high above you, creating a sense of awe and wonder. The path ahead is dotted with boulders and rocks, which you navigate with care. The silence of the desert is occasionally broken by the sound of water trickling nearby, a reminder of the life-sustaining force that has carved this magnificent landscape over thousands of years. As you delve deeper into the wadi, the terrain changes. The walls become steeper, the canyons narrower, and the water more abundant. You find yourself wading through ankle-deep pools, their coolness providing respite from the desert heat. The vibrant colors of the rocks—shades of red, orange, and brown—create a stunning contrast against the clear blue sky. With each step, you encounter new surprises. A hidden waterfall cascades down a rock face, inviting you to cool off in its refreshing embrace. You scramble up a rocky ledge, rewarded with a panoramic view of the wadi, its beauty stretching out before you in all its grandeur. The sense of isolation and remoteness is both humbling and invigorating. The adventure in Wadi Lajab has been a remarkable journey of discovery, where you’ve witnessed the raw beauty of the desert and experienced the thrill of exploring its hidden corners. It’s a testament to the resilience of nature and the human spirit, reminding you of the wonders that await those who dare to venture off the beaten path.


Wadi Lajab is a valley situated between two high mountains near Jazan in Saudi Arabia. It lies in between a canyon that is 30 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers long. Some people have also termed Wadi Lajab as ‘heaven in the desert’ because of its beauty.


The steep sides of these mountains are covered by thick moss, which makes it look like a hanging garden. The wadi offers some notable viewpoints as its steep sides are high in some parts and incredibly narrow and deep in others. Perhaps the most unique feature of Wadi Lajab is the fact that it has an abundant and never-ending supply of fresh water.


  • Wadi Lajab is an excellent place for hiking and trekking; the Jazan Tourism Development Council has also approved Wadi Lajab as a tourist site where people can practice rock climbing. The stream in the valley runs at the bottom of the canyon and creates waterfalls where people go to bathe in the freshwater. The waterfalls make up several pools filled with pristine water, which are deep enough for people to swim. In order to make the most of this trip, be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of hiking and climbing involved.


  • A\C Vehicle pick up and drop off from from Jazan
  • English speaker tor guide\driver
  • Lunch (Traditional food)
  • Bottled water
  • snacks
  • Personal expense
  • Tips
  • In case of lost stuff the company is not respons





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