Al Wahbah  Crater



  • Note : The booking price is 2350 SAR per Car, each car have 4 available seats and a driver (the driver is the guide) – So when you book this trip you can invite 3 people or maybe split the bill with them!


  • Remarque: Le prix de la réservation est de 2350 SAR par voiture, chaque voiture dispose de 4 places disponibles et d’un chauffeur (le chauffeur est le guide) – Ainsi, lorsque vous réservez ce voyage, vous pouvez inviter 3 personnes ou partager la facture avec eux !


 Al Wahbah  Crater Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Trips


Wahba Crateris the largest and deepest volcanic crater in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a diameter of 3,000 meters, and surrounded by Al Luhayan, Umm Rilan, and Zabna mountains forming a scenic view that embodies the wonders of nature in Saudi Arabia.

The Crater, which is about 380 meters deep, attracts geologists to explore its secrets and observe its diverse and exotic rock formations. Traditional legends are known and spread among residents of nearby villages around the Crater formation.

A trip to shiny dormant volcanoes


If you are an adventurer and a hiking lover, and want to reward yourself by reaching a place that amazes you by its nature after the long travel journey, pack your luggage, and prepare to go to the deepest and widest dormant volcanic crater in Saudi Arabia ,Wahba Crater , which is about 250 km away from Taif.

You will be astonished by the gleaming salt dome under the sun at the bottom of the circular Crater, where a water lake evaporates in the summer and turns into a sabkha while wild plants grow on its edges in the rainy season.

عالي 1

Unfinished love story


A legend of an unfinished love that formed Wahba Crater: In a dark night, a lightning bolt illuminated Qitn Mountain revealing its beauty making Tamya Mountain fall in love with it, promising to move toward its lover; however, Chliman Mountain’s jealousy intercepted such love shooting an arrow to Tamya Mountain demolishing the mountain to be a hole.



Pick up from the hotail 5:20 AM


Start to move to the location 5:30 AM


Reach to the location  9:30 AM


Get information about the site 10:00 AM


Start the hike (2KM) 10:30 AM


Finish the hike 12:20 PM


Have the Lunch  1:00 PM


Finish the program and head back to jeddah 1:40 PM