Discover Riyadh, Buraidah, Madinah, AlUla, and Jeddah in 9 days

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About this tour


Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom and is a bustling city with a mix of modern skyscrapers and historical landmarks. You can visit the historic Diriyah area, and the beautiful King Abdulaziz Historical Center. Buraidah: Located in the heart of the Qassim region, Buraidah is famous for its traditional architecture, bustling markets, and rich culture. The city is famous for its date farms and traditional markets. Don’t miss a visit to Al-Bukhari Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the Kingdom



This city, is famous for its ancient archaeological sites, including the Al-Hijr site (Mada’in Saleh), which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s a place where you can explore the remains of ancient civilizations, stunning desert landscapes, and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camel riding.


Jeddah is located on the Red Sea coast. It is known for its modern waterfront, bustling markets, and diverse culinary scene. Be sure to visit the historic Al Balad area, King Fahd Fountain, and the Corniche to enjoy stunning views of the Red Sea. Each of these cities offers a unique Noh cultural experience

Tour Itnerary:

Day 1: Riyadh (Arrival):

  • Arrival
  • Hotel check-in
  • Boulevard city

Day 2: Riyadh (Riyadh’s heritage and culture)



  • (9:00 am) Pick up from hotel 


  • (10:00 am) start the tour  head to the first destination (National Museum) Discover the National Museum in Riyadh, a gateway to the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia, featuring diverse exhibits Various exhibits from prehistoric times to the New Kingdom.


  • (12:00 pm) Visit Deira Souq (Old Market) Wander through Deira Souq, the old market, a maze of lively stalls displaying traditional crafts, spices and textiles and textiles that mimic Riyadh’s historical trade routes


  • (12:30 pm) Pass by Al-Masmak Palace: It is a sandstone castle that stands as a monument to the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and invites visitors to exploreIts elegance and historical importance in the heart of the city


  • (13:30) Head to Najdiya village  for a traditional lunch and enjoy traditional Saudi cuisine at Najdiya Village, where the flavors of the Najd region


  • (14:30)  Head to Kingdom Tower to enjoy the view of (Sky Bridge)*: Climb the sky bridge at the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh to enjoy stunning views of the city. This architectural marvel It provides a unique view of the capital, making it a must-visit destination to enjoy the panoramic views.


  • (16:00) Visit Al Rajhi Mosque


  • (17:00 pm) visit the historic city of Diriyah and enjoy your visit.

Day 3: Riyadh / Buraidah:



  • (9:00 am) Pick up from hotel 


  • (10:30 am) Start of the trip at 10:30. A tour of the Qasab village


  • (10:45 am) A tour of the traditional Qasab village in Shaqra


  • (11:30 am) Tour at the Heliwa Heritage Market


  • (12:30 pm) Lunch (traditional food)


  • (13:30) Head to Ushaiger village


  • (14:00) Arrive to Ushaiger village


  • (14:10) Visit Hamad al Salem museum


  • (14:40) Tour in the heritage village of Ushaiger


  • (15:30) Tour in Ushaiger


  • (16:00) Transfer to Buraidah Hotel


  • (18:00) Overnight in Buraidah

Day 4: Buradiah / Madinah:


  • (9:00 am) Pick up from hotel and Visit the largest camel market in Buraidah and the Al-Uqailat Museum


  • (13:00) Lunch (traditional food


  • (14:30) Heading to Madinah


  • (18:30) Arrive to Madinah and check in at the hotel


  • (20:00) Dinner then overnight at the hotel

Day 5: Madinah / AlUla:



  • (9:00 am) Pick up from hotel


  • (9:30 am ) Visit The Hejaz Railway Museum in Medina


  • (10:30 am) Visit King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an


  • (11:30 am) Visit the Prophet’s Mosque from outside


  • (1:00 pm) Lunch at a local restaurant


  • (2:00 pm) Head to AlUla


  • (6:00 pm) Arrive to AlUla and Check-in at the hotel


  • (8:00 pm) Dinner and overnight in AlUla.

Day 6: Discover AlUla:



  • (8:00 am) Hegra Tour


  • (11:00 am) visit Elephant rock


  • (11:30 am) drive to the old town


  • 13:00 Lunch


  • 15:00 Free time


  • 17:00 Back to hotel and end the day

Day 7: AlUla/Tabuk/Jeddah



  • Departing to Tabuk At the beginning of the afternoon we will leave for Tabuk (4 hrs)


  • Arrival to Tabuk


  • One of the oldest cities in the country , we will have free time to cruise around the the city


  • Head to Jeddah


  • Arrive to Jeddah, hotel check -in

Day 8: Jeddah



  • (9:00 am) Pick up from the hotel – the beginning of the trip the exploration of Jeddah begins with picking you up from the hotel in the morning, and setting off a day full of culture, history and marine life.


  • (9:30 am) Head to the first destination, Al-Taybat Museum, Start your trip with a visit to Al-Taybat Museum, a cultural gem on display Islamic art, manuscripts, and Saudi heritage


  • (11:30 am) Visit the Jeddah Museum of Sculptures on the Corniche. Next, explore the Jeddah Sculpture Museum on the Corniche.


  • (12:30 pm) Visit Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina where luxury yachts and calm blue sea


  • (13:30) Have a traditional lunch at a local restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional lunch, where you can taste authentic Saudi cuisine in an atmosphere celebrates local flavors and warm hospitality.


  • (14:30) Enjoy a view of King Fahad Fountain End your day with a visit to King Fahad Fountain, which is the tallest of its kind in the world the world


  • (16:00) Visit the historic neighborhood of Albalad, which is included on the  UNESCO World Heritage List where the Hijazy architecture meets the vibrant markets and the historic mosque like Alshafie and beit nasseef museum where Jeddah invites you to discover its rich history


  • (18:00) Return to the hotel – end of the trip:  As the end of the day approaches, you will return to your hotel at the end of an unforgettable trip in Jeddah. An unforgettable journey through the most captivating tourist attractions in Jeddah.

Day 9: Jeddah – off to the airport

  • Getting ready in the morning

  • Our transportation will be waiting for you outside the hotel.


  • Enjoy the rich history and the development of the country in 9 days.
  • the program starts in Riyadh and finishes in Jeddah


  • 3* accommodations with breakfast multiple nights
  • Entrance fees
  • A\C vehicles
  • Transportation between cities (Cars or trains)
  • Snacks and Main meals depending on tour program
  • Tour guide
  • Add-ons not mentioned on the program

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