5 Days In The Kingdom (Jeddah-Taif-Riyadh)

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Saudi Arabia
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About this tour

A 5 Days In The Kingdom (Jeddah-Taif-Riyadh) where Jeddah’s magnificent beaches and history are full of civilizations, where we explore them through its distinctive features through taif with a magnificent green nature and a passionate history of the rapid modern city and the of Riyadh and its amazing views


Jeddah (1 day):

  •  Historic Jeddah (Al-Balad):

Engage yourself in the authentic experience of Saudi culture, heritage and arts at Historic Jeddah “the most fascinating World Heritage Site in West Saudi”. Start with walking through the surreal architecture of the buildings and the spirit reviving markets. A short golf car round is provided to facilitate the experience and visit all the landmarks such as the Gate of Makkah, and Masjid Alshafei, Dahab Square…etc. You will be visiting the Houses of Bashin and Nasif to explore the local artifacts and exhibits, followed by a traditional dinner provided at one of the local shops. A great time for shopping and buying souvenirs is included, as well as some time is spend to relax at local cafes and recreational spaces.


Taif (1 day):


  •  City Tour (Al-Taif):

Discover the hidden gem of Taif on our immersive Taif Tour. Nestled in the majestic Sarawat Mountains, Taif offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern attractions. Starting with a visit to the historic Shubra Palace, you’ll step back in time and marvel at its exquisite architecture and beautifully manicured gardens. As you explore the charming Al Rudaf Park, you’ll be enchanted by its fragrant rose gardens, a symbol of Taif’s famous rosewater industry. Immerse yourself in the local traditions with a stroll through the vibrant Taif Souq, where you’ll find handicrafts, spices, and local produce. A trip to the captivating Taif Cable Car will reward you with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Take a leisurely walk along Taif’s scenic Al Hada Road and enjoy the cool mountain breeze as you admire the stunning vistas. Our Taif Tour also includes a visit to the vibrant Taif Fruit Market, where you can savor delightful local fruits and refreshments. With our experienced guides and comfortable transportation, our Taif Tour guarantees an unforgettable journey through the rich tapestry of Taif’s culture, history, and natural wonders.”



Riyadh (3 days):


Day 1

  • Edge of the world (7 hours)

The Edge of the World (its real name is Jabel Fihrayn), one of Saudi’s most popular tourist destinations, got its nickname from the uninterrupted view of the horizon it offers atop its 300-meter-high cliffs, which overlook the surrounding plain. It’s part of the much longer Tuwaiq escarpment, and drops down roughly 305 meters into an ancient ocean bed. From the top of the cliffs, you’ll spot dried rivers weaving across the land and may even see camels moving far below — an ancient caravan route once passed through these grounds.

Edge of the world Saudi Arabia by Riyadh Trips

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Edge of the World, 1st Saudi Arabia Hiking operator, offers an exhilarating journey from Riyadh to the stunning Edge of the World. Our professional guides provide personalized attention throughout your tour, ensuring a memorable experience. Take in the breathtaking sunset and engage in an enchanting Arabian session atop the overlook. With over 10 years of expertise in desert activities for tourists, our local experts will ensure your trip is both safe and unforgettable. Embark on a remarkable adventure with Edge of the World Riyadh Trips, the leading hiking operator in Saudi Arabia.

 🌍How the Edge of the World Was Formed 🌍

The cliffs are the result of tectonic movement of the Arabian plate toward the northeast caused by the spread of the Red Sea rift 1,000 kilometers to the west of the Tuwaiq escarpment.

The clear cut it carved reveals the layers of sediments that accumulated there when the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula was a shallow tropical sea during the Jurassic period (150 million years ago).

As you walk along the path, keep an eye out for fossils, a vestige of when the region was part of an ocean bed. As you’re capturing the views around you, take pictures of any fossils you may come upon, as you will not be allowed to take these artifacts out of the area.


Day 2:

  • City Tour in Riyadh (5 hours)

About this tour

City Tour In Riyadh – From the moment your tour starts, your guide will give you full attention. Once in the car, your Tour leader will talk to you about all the things on the way as well as other aspects of your tour that will interest you.

The Riyadh City Tour is a four-hour journey that showcases the capital city’s most prominent landmarks and attractions. Starting with the historic Masmak Fortress, visitors will learn about the rich history of the region before heading to the acclaimed King Abdulaziz Historical Center. This place offers an immersive experience of Saudi Arabia’s glorious past through exhibitions, documentaries, and multimedia displays. The next stop is the Kingdom Centre, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country and home to a luxurious mall, a skybridge, and an observation deck for panoramic views of the city. With knowledgeable local guides, comfortable transportation, and a well-planned itinerary, the Riyadh City Tour offers a comprehensive introduction to the cultural, historical, and modern landmarks of this dynamic city



– Pick up from accommodation 2:00 pm

– Visit Al zal Market 3:00 pm

– Visit Al Imam Turki Mosque 3:30 pm

– Visit National Musuem 4:00 pm

– Visit Kingdom Tower 5:00 pm

– Have dinner 6:00 pm

Finish the program and head back to hotel 7:00 pm



Day 3:

Red Sand Dunes:

The dunes and rocks of Al Thumama desert north Riyadh are perfect for outdoor adventure, but getting to them and booking activities there independently can be time-consuming. Make everything easy and focus on the fun with this small-group safari from Saudi’s capital. Travel by air-conditioned vehicle and on arrival, conquer the dunes on a quad bike and enjoy a camel ride as you absorb the vast desert landscapes. Instructions, snacks and equipment are included for your convenience.



  • Pick up and drop off from hotel
  • English speaker tor guide
  • Dinner (traditional food)
  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • bottled water
  • camel riding for 10 minutes
  • Quad pikes for 30 minutes




Notice –

  • The Company is Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Property
  • Timing is approximate and varies due to trrafic effect
  • The tour starts in Jeddah and finish in Riyadh


  • Enjoy the the most amazing views and local live of Saudi Arabia, with a 5-day tour in Jeddah, Taif and Riyadh.
  • the tour starts in Jeddah and ends in Riyadh


  • Entrance fees
  • English speaker tour guides
  • Dinner (traditional food)
  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • bottled water
  • camel riding for 10 minutes
  • Quad pikes for 30 minutes
  • Tips
  • Transportation between cities
  • personal expenses





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Saudi Arabia
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