Alula and Addisah Tour – 3 Days

You will visit 2 Days in Al-Ula and 1 day in Addisah

Everyday by Plane.

3 Days package :

for 3 individuals 399 sr for per person

for more than 3 persons 300 sr per person

St. Catherine road trip


Visiting the monastery through a very exciting road trip and having lunch in the amazing Dahab on the way back.

Every Monday ,Wednesday and Thursday excluding annual holidays.

Visiting petra


You will visit the:

Canyon, the treasury, valley of the kings and king tombs, and finally you will have lunch.

Daily by ferry.

Takes around 100 mins.

7 DAYS Sharm El Sheikh, the city of magic and beauty

*Trip duration 6 nights

Arrival on the first day to Sharm El-Sheikh Airport, then transfer by bus to the Residence Hotel “City Sharm El-Sheikh”, which is characterized by the best distinguished locations in Sharm El-Sheikh, the old market area, and there are services and a large commercial market to pick up souvenirs. The residence hotel also has a sandy beach. There is also an Aqua Park, full board, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks. Rest after lodging, then a free walk to spend a good time in the old market, watching the Sahaba Mosque and taking souvenir photos.

*The second day in the morning is a trip to Ras Mohammed, which is a natural reserve that is considered the second in the world in terms of coral reefs, and there are mangrove trees that turn salty water into fresh water through tree leaves. A tour guide to explain the important points of the visit.


*Then return to the residence hotel and rest and exit yesterday by bus to Naama Bay, which is a tourist place with many cafes, restaurants and interesting shows, then return again to the residence hotel the third day in the morning. Move to another governorate, 500 km from Sharm El Sheikh and Its Cairo, and there The oldest archaeological places in the world such as the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Great Museum and a tour of the landmarks of Cairo with a tour guide to clarify the important points of the visit and then return again to the residence hotel to spend an enjoyable time in the residence hotel and then move in the evening to a safari trip in the desert with the beach bike and enjoy and take pictures in Sinai desert and attend a Bedouin concert with dinner.


*Then return to the residence hotel and move on the morning of the fifth day to the city of Dahab to enjoy snorkeling work in the best area in terms of rare coral reefs.


*Then return to the residence hotel again and head to a free tour in the Soho Square area and there are many interesting cafes full of shows and watch the dancing fountain and take memorial photos with the wonderful statues that are in the place and then return to the residence hotel on the morning of the sixth and last day, move to the yacht trip and enjoy the descent The water in the middle of the coral reefs, watching the colorful fish, lunch on the yacht, returning to the hotel and resting, then moving yesterday for a fun and romantic evening in the Farsha Cafe, which is located on the top of the mountains and directly on the sea to see the best landscapes that you can see in your life ✨


*Then return to the hotel again and on the morning of the seventh day, head to Sharm El-Sheikh airport and return safely.


**Note / any modification in the program or flight schedules for circumstances that are not reported and coordinated together 🤙

Riyadh Trips edge of the world red sand dunes

Edge Of The World – Private tour

Edge of the World Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Trips

The Edge of the World (its real name is Jebel Fihrayn), one of Saudi’s most popular tourist destinations, got its nickname from the uninterrupted view of the horizon it offers atop its 300-meter-high cliffs, which overlook the surrounding plain. It’s part of the much longer Tuwaiq escarpment, and drops down roughly 305 meters into an ancient ocean bed. From the top of the cliffs, you’ll spot dried rivers weaving across the land and may even see camels moving far below — an ancient caravan route once passed through these grounds.
Riyadh Trips Edge Of the World Saudi Arabia

Edge of the world by Riyadh Trips

⭐⭐ Quality Guarantee ⭐⭐ Edge of the World is an exciting ride from Riyadh, from the moment you start your tour, your guide will give you full attention. Take a ride on the overlook and enjoy the sunset and the Arabian session. The trip will be run by very professional locals who know the desert very well, with over 10 years of experience in running desert activities for tourists.

How the Edge of the World Was Formed

The cliffs are the result of tectonic movement of the Arabian plate toward the northeast caused by the spread of the Red Sea rift 1,000 kilometers to the west of the Tuwaiq escarpment. The clear cut it carved reveals the layers of sediments that accumulated there when the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula was a shallow tropical sea during the Jurassic period (150 million years ago). As you walk along the path, keep an eye out for fossils, a vestige of when the region was part of an ocean bed. As you’re capturing the views around you, take pictures of any fossils you may come upon, as you will not be allowed to take these artifacts out of the area.

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